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About Our Bake Shop


Like many people, my sister and I have sensitivities to certain ingredients in standard bakery offerings. We were tired of traditional sweets making us feel, at a minimum, tired and cranky after eating them.

Sweets should feel as good after and as they taste during! Our vision is to provide the most delicious baked goods using the best quality ingredients in a warm and welcoming environment. After a lot of hard work, our vision is truly a happy reality. We hope you think so too.


Like our products, our bake shop was developed with the well-being of the environment as well as the wellness of our customers in mind.

Our plates, cups, and utensils are made from corn, and therefore are biodegradable. Our bakery boxes are made from 100% recycled materials and we use unbleached products, including parchment paper, wherever possible. In addition, Wild Flours recycles all possible glass, containers and products used in order to reduce the amount of waste produced by our shop.

Upon request, we can bake and provide your pies in a stainless steel pie plate instead of aluminum. At a minimum, we use organic, fair trade, and / or socially responsible coffee, unrefined sugar, and chocolate. We also support Long Island by buying as many locally produced items as possible. Our coffee, tea, and baked goods are made with filtered water and we rarely use a microwave. Non-toxic cleaning agents are used in our kitchen as well as in our customer service area.

Eco-friendly stain, natural wood, and building materials were used in the renovation of the Wild Flours space.


We are grateful to so many people who helped Wild Flours come to fruition… we couldn’t have made this dream a reality without our very wonderful family, friends, and all those who helped us. Also, we are thankful to the many, many taste-testers for their honest opinions… you know who you are… we love you all!