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General Questions

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. These grains are eaten eveyday in cereals, breads, pizza, pasta and baked goods. People who have been diagnosed with celiac disease are told they should never eat gluten or they risk serious health consequences.

I am not a celiac. Should I still avoid gluten?

Many people have a gluten sensitivity and don’t realize it. Bloating after eating carbohydrates (containing gluten) may indicate a sensitivity. Also, many people who have no noticeable symptoms report feeling much better overall when decreasing or eliminating the gluten from their diets. In any case, varying the grains in your diet is a good idea to help avoid developing an issue with gluten.

Are gluten free baked goods more carbohydrate laden?

Many commerically prepared gluten free foods use the higher carbohydrate flours such as white rice flour and tapioca starch. Wild Flours specifically incorporates higher protein flours such as brown rice, garbanzo bean or sorghum flours into our products to maximize both the taste and health benefits of our baked goods. Further, sweetners are used sparingly and all are lower on the glycemic index.

Questions about Wild Flours Baked Goods

Are your flours bromated? 

Our flours are not bromated.  This process, used in the production of most commercial flours, interferes with thyroid function by blocking the absorption of essential iodine. 

What sweetners do you use?

We use organic unrefined cane sugar, organic agave, maple sugar, and erythritol, a zero gycemic index all natural sugar substitute. Upon request, we will also bake with xylitol based on the application.

Are your items also vegan?

All of our baked goods are dairy free in addition to being gluten free. However, we do use eggs in many of our items. Some of these items can also be prepared vegan…please email info@ wildfloursbakeshop.com with your specific requests.

Chocolate Pie with Whipped Cream

Do you disclose your ingredients?

Yes, we are happy to tell you the ingredients of any of our products. Please send your questions to info@wildfloursbakeshop.com or call us at 631.923.1090.

Do your baked items contain soy?

Soy is an allergen, therefore, we do use it sparingly. The items that do contain soy are our cream cheese frosting, orange creamsicle frosting, chocolate pudding pie, chocolate pudding frosting, and one of our crusty breads. Also, like most chocolate, our chocolate contains soy lechitin except for our mini chocolate chips which are completely soy free. In addition, some of our ingredients may be processed in a facility that also processes soy. See our allergy statement for further detail.

Are your baked items nut free?

While we do not use any nuts in our baked goods, we cannot state that we are completely nut free as some of our ingredients are processed in a facility that also processes nuts. Also, a few of our items contain coconut milk and/or coconut oil (a tree nut) which is considered a very healthful oil. See our allergy statement for further detail.

Can I order anything at any time?

Yes, orders must be made 48 hours in advance. (72 hours is appreciated!) of pickup or ship date. Anything on our menu can be ordered (if seasonally available), however, only those items designated as delivery items can be shipped.

What size cake should I order?

  • 6" cake serves 6 – 8
  • 8" cake serves 10 – 12
  • 10" cake serves 15 – 20
  • 12" cake serves 22 – 35

Can I request a special order item?

We are happy to fulfill special orders if we can. If you like a certain sweetener such as agave, or are interested in a vegan version of one of our items, we are happy to accommodate your request.

Are party platters available?

Yes, we love parties! We have standard platters that we make and can also accommodate a custom platter / basket of baked goods selected by you.