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Allergy Info


We do use corn starch in our cinnamon raisin bread. Please note that it is GMO Free. We use xanthan gum in our products except for our banana muffins, chocolate brickle, frostings, and fillings. This gum is corn based and some people are sensitive to it.


Wild Flours is a dedicated gluten free bake shop. While we try to work with suppliers whose production also takes place in a dedicated facility, we cannot guarantee that our ingredients are manufactured in a dedicated gluten free environment.


Our baked goods are also dairy free. However, our chocolate, excluding our mini chocolate chips, may contain traces of milk and nuts as stated on the package. Again, we cannot guarantee that our ingredients are not processed in a facility that also processes dairy.


We use soy in a few of our baked goods, including one of our crusty breads. Our cream cheese frosting, orange creamsicle frosting, and chocolate pudding frosting all contain soy. Of course, our melting chocolate (except for our mini chocolate chips) contains soy lechitin. We cannot guarantee that our non-soy items do not have cross contamination.


While we do not bake with nuts, we do use coconut oil and coconut milk in several of our baked goods, therefore allowing for the possibility of cross-contamination. Several of our ingredients state that they are manufactured in a facility that also manufactures nuts. Our melting chocolate may contain traces of nuts as stated on the package.


We do use eggs in many of our recipes. Please note, however, that several items can be prepared vegan. Just email your questions and requests to info@wildflours.com.

Wild Flours Bake Shop tries its best to address the common allergens affecting our customers. However, it is ultimately the individual’s responsibility to be aware of what they can and cannot tolerate in terms of their indulgences.